Puerto Arturo

Wildlife Refuge

Discover wildlife in the heart of the Mayan jungle

Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge is a true paradise for nature lovers, wildlife photography ameteaurs or professionals, and bird watching fans!

On this tour you can explore the interior of the jungle, ride a canoe on the scenic lagoons, observe the biodiversity of the region and feel the wonders of the jungle through the sounds of the forest, the howls of monkeys and the songs of birds. If you visit us during the months of April to September you will be able to observe the flocks of macaws crossing the beautiful lagoon, as well as the mythical crocodile.

During your visit you will be accompanied by the inhabitants of Carmelita, who for more than 100 years have lived in harmony with the forest and have a deep knowledge of the forest. You will also be able to know first-hand the traditional activities of the Carmelita inhabitants, and they will tell you about the legends and anecdotes of the Jungle.

Discover Puerto Arturo

4 days

Birdwatching & Bird Photography Tour

On this 4-day and 3-night tour you will be able to enter the jungle and freshwater wetlands of Puerto Arturo, to observe and photograph thousands of birds - more than 200 resident and migratory species.

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4 days

Nature & Wildlife Photography Tour

This 4-day and 3-night tour is perfect for fans of nature photography, whose main motive is pure nature: fauna, flora and landscapes in the Mayan jungle.

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6 days

Specialized Wildlife Photography Tour

This 6-day, 5-night tour is ideal for fans of photographing mammals in their natural habitat. It requires spending many days in the jungle to be able to photograph the desired species.

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