Nature & Wildlife Photography Tour
Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge


Day 1

Flores – Carmelita

Very early, around 7:00 am we will leave the city of Flores towards Carmelita, during the trip we will observe and photograph beautiful landscapes and some important species of fauna, mainly birds.

At noon we will arrive at the Carmelita community and after settling in the rooms, we will enjoy a fancy lunch of Guatemalan cuisine.

In the afternoon we will walk the trails of the community to photograph the fauna of the area and the sunset.

We finished the day with a delicious dinner and a conviviality with the community members.

Day 2

Carmelita – Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge

We will get up very early to have breakfast at Carmelita.

At 7:30 we start the trip to the Puerto Arturo wildlife refuge, surrounded by a dense tropical jungle. This journey is ideal for photographing the diversity of flora and fauna in the area and discovering the greatness of the jungle of the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

Around noon, we will arrive at Puerto Arturo, where we will taste a delicious lunch after having settled in the rooms.

In the afternoon we will continue with the expedition through the Puerto Arturo lagoon, where we will have the luxury of observing and photographing a great diversity of aquatic bird species and also raptors such as the Black-collared Hawk and enjoy the incredible sunset landscapes.

After a spectacular day, we end the day with a delicious dinner.

Day 3

Puerto Arturo – El Cuervo

We will have to get up a little earlier to have breakfast, because at 6am our expedition and photography of birds begins towards the savannas and grasslands of El Cuervo, looking for mammals like white-tailed deer, tapirs, and others.

At noon we will take a break for lunch in Puerto Arturo.

In the afternoon we will go on a macro photography expedition: our guide will lead you to the fascinating world of macro photography, where you will have the opportunity to obtain photos full of details and colors of miniature living beings, perhaps species never before photographed.

Later, we are introduced to the fascinating world of herpetology (amphibian and reptile). The wildlife refuge is home to important species of amphibians and reptiles of high biological value for their conservation, which you can observe and photograph.

We end the day with a well-deserved dinner.

Day 4

Puerto Arturo – Campamento Sibalón -Aeropuerto

We will have breakfast in Puerto Arturo to later load all the equipment to the vehicles and say goodbye to the tour with a last trip to the Sibalón camp in search of observation and photography of raptors and mammals.

At noon we will have lunch at Carmelita and we will take time to say goodbye to the group.

Finally, around 4:30 pm we will arrive at Mundo Maya airport or Flores city.